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Cayce Series

Built by hand in Cayce, SC with a Lifetime Limited Warranty, Committed to providing excellent workmanship and using only top-quality materials. Our pressure-treating partner offers a guarantee against fungal decay, rot, and termite damage for the lifetime of your shed.


The Basic building package includes vertical 3/8″ LP® SmartSide® siding. The Basic comes standard with 16″ on center 2×4 wall studs, 3/4″ LP® ProStruct® flooring, and 4×6 notched runners. For long-lasting strength, floor studs are standard 2×4 on 8' wide buildings and 2×6 on all larger buildings. A variety of paint colors, porch, garage, and dormer packages are available for this package level.

LP® materials have a standard 50-year material warranty. Painted metal roofs have a standard 40-year warranty.


The Classic building package includes vertical 7/16″ LP® SmartSide® siding with a Techshield® Radiant Heat/Moisture Barrier. Otherwise, the Classic package has the same features and options as the Basic package.

LP® materials have a standard 50-year material warranty. Painted metal roofs have a standard 40-year warranty.


The Elite building package is identical to the classic package with the exception of horizontal 8″ LP®SmartSide® Lap siding overtop a Techshield®  backing. Lap siding is designed with HOA and neighborhood guidelines in mind.


Studio style is a modern, single-slope building style that can add class to any backyard while providing an airy interior space that can be adapted for a variety of uses.
The Studio style is available in all of the previously listed packages
Basic, Classic & Elite 
and can be fitted with all the same options

Craftsman Shake

The Craftsman Shakes have the same siding as our basic series. Currently, they are only offered in two sizes; 10×12 and 10×16. The Craftsman Studio series offers the Basic Electric Package, 2×4 Floor Joists, and has restricted colors offered for both the siding and the roof. It has five rows of siding, each approximately 15 inches, and staggered 8-inch grooves, to create the cedar shake look.

Craftsman Shake's are not available for custom order as they are built in batch runs to save cost and keep prices low but we generally keep a few in stock


 We keep it simple to save you money and maintain the same quality and integrity that our other styles are known for. Each Bullet style shed comes in silver steel with painted black trim. These sheds are available in two widths: 12 feet wide, which comes equipped with an 8-foot roll-up door, and 10 feet wide, which has a 6-foot roll-up door, with no options for windows or other door types. The only options offered are 2 different electrical packages. Manufacturing them this way offers you the opportunity to fit your storage needs and save literally thousands depending on the size that you buy. All of this comes with the same, outstanding 40-year metal, and lifetime limited floor warranty as all of our other buildings.

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