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Amish Barn

Our Amish Barn series is the big brother to the mini barn with 16" on center studs and sizes varying from a

8x8-14x40. The extra height allows room for an optional loft, workbench, and or multiple lighting fixtures.


The A-Frame style building can come just about however you wan't it. This shed comes in a variety of siding, roofing, and the ability to have a porch/overhang added. Also available are the options of adding a loft, workbench, insulated walls and flors, and the unique option of a partition wall.

A-Frame Cabin

The A-Frame Cabin is very similar to our A-Frame building the the exception of doors on the long facing walls and a two foot overhang that runs the length of the building.


The Mini Barn comes with LP siding and 24" on center studs. The mini comes in sizes from 8x8-8x16 and 10x10-10x20. The Mini Barn is the perfect building for storage and accessibility while being able to keep a smaller and more discrete look.

Metal Sheds

Our Metal Exterior Sheds come fully insulated in either an Amish or A-Frame style. The Medal Building is low maintenance and still allows all the features.

"SquareBo", Gazebo
& Play House

Along with our sheds we also offer Playhouses and Gazebos. Playhouses are 8x12 with the LP, wood, or vinyl siding and metal, shingles, or architectural shingles for roofing. Our Playhouses can come in any color combo your child desires. The Playhouse also comes with the option of a loft, the most unique feature though in the small porch that gives the playhouse more of a small home feel. Meanwhile our Gazebo is the Ideal structure for an outdoor area that will provide both shade and sitting areas so that you can enjoy the outdoors in a more comfortable way.

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